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Watch Does anyone believe Pakistan's election results? | The Listening Post YouTube Al Jazeera English Video

Watch Does anyone believe Pakistan's election results? | The Listening Post YouTube Al Jazeera English Television

This past week’s elections in Pakistan were meant to be a formality, the outcome – a win for the PMLN – predetermined by the Pakistani military and intelligence apparatus.

But despite their attempt to manage the narrative and meddle with politics, former Prime Minister Imran Khan and his party, the PTI, had an unexpected pull with the people.

Amber Shamsi – Director, Centre for Excellence in Journalism
Fahd Husain – President, AIK News
Moeed Pirzada – Journalist and YouTuber

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Two weeks after the International Court of Justice concluded Israel may be committing genocide in Gaza, Israeli soldiers continue to film and upload evidence of their own war crimes. Tariq Nafi examines the material being posted online.

John Kirby: US messenger on the Gaza War

For Israel’s primary backer in its war on Gaza, the United States, getting the messaging right has not been easy. The face of the White House’s policy is US National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby.

Despite some uncomfortable exchanges with reporters, Kirby has maintained an aggressive approach in his delivery. Whether audiences are buying it is another matter.

Meenakshi Ravi explores the figure of the spokesperson and the challenges of being President Biden’s messenger on Gaza.

John Nichols – National affairs correspondent, The Nation
Kristian Denny – Associate professor, Columbia University
Prem Thakker – Politics reporter, The Intercept

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